Class 2 - Summer 2017



Class 2 are learning all about holidays this term

The children have been enjoying our story ‘holidays’

Some of the songs we are using this term.





We explore the story using different props pretending to be on a beach in Barbados , throwing snowballs in Switzerlandand splashing in puddles in England.


Some of our favourite activities to do in school

Monday-Going on Holiday Story
Tuesday-Computer room & Swimming
Wednesday- Walk and Music Mandy
Thursday-Sensory movement
Friday- Packing for Holiday sensory story


Useful resource
We use part of this website called ‘chooseitmaker’ to make simple turn taking games to support our learning.

I’ve added a folder called ‘parents’, so that you can access some of the activities we use in class.

Login: TSS

Password: password1

-      Click ‘login’

-      Select ‘Chooseitmaker 3’

-      Click ‘Play CM3’

-      Follow login details (login: TSS, Password: password1)

-      Select the folder titled ‘parents’

-      Logout after each session