Sixth Form

The Sixth Form offers support for students between the ages of 16 and 19. We aim to create a mature and independent atmosphere in the sixth form whilst still retaining the core aims of Tweendykes.

Here, we prepare our students for their 'next steps' once they leave our school . With this in mind, the curriculum is more outward looking involving work placements, outreach courses and life skills opportunities. Students are encouraged to develop their life skills in a number of different ways, one of which is through the use of the Sixth Form flat where students get to experience the reality of independent living.

Fun is very important throughout our teaching and there are a range of leisure opportunities for the students to take advantage of, as well as social time where they can be with their friends.

In the Sixth Form we offer a variety of qualifications to suit the needs of our students from many exam boards.

All of the students have a Personalised Learning Programme which is tailored to suit a student's individual ability.

Students PLP’s are built from 3 curriculum categories:- Blue, Green and Yellow.

Students benefit from a mixture of activities from across all categories depending on interests and ability.

Celebration of achievement is very important in the Sixth Form. Each year students help plan and fundraise for their Annual Leavers Prom which takes place at Hull University.