KS4- Summer 2017

Last terms theme of city of culture saw our pupils visiting various Hull places , completing art work and even entering poetry competitions.

Some pupils have been working on animations and have created some short films.  They made stages, props and worked on script writing.

The visits to Forest School , North Carr Cuisine, Little Monkies and bowling have all continued but we've added on Hull Raceway, where some pupils are getting to race cars, something that is proving to be very popular. Many of these external provisions add to our pupils portfolios of accreditation gained.

We continue to use some of Winifred Holtbys facilities, a group each week goes across to a science lab to participate in experiments.  We use the sports facilities, the gym is proving very popular with some.

Pupils have really been enjoying ICT a number of who have been working on increasing their typing speeds while others have been preparing and delivering assemblies around online safety.  Some of our pupils have been working on understanding directions and prompts, the early stages of computing programming, while others have been using Scratch to write computer games.


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KS4 pupils all experience out of school education every week.  This includes

North Carr cuisine, Little Monkies, the Forest School, and some even get to go bowling.