Class 10-Autumn 2016


We’re doing loads of exciting things this term, some children are off at the Humber Forest school enjoying a creative curriculum, some are off at the Garage, stuying motor mechanics, stripping engines and some are off to North Carr Cuisine developing their culinary skills.

We’ve been on several trips already including to The Deep, to support our theme for the term ‘ Adventure’. Maths and English remain a strong point, but sessions have been fun and creative. Swimming has been a lot of fun this term, as have he sessions with Music Mandy, Science in the lab, Art with Claire and Drama with Chris.


Please remember PE kits for Wednesday and Swimming Kits for Thursday.


If you would like to send in £1 towards snack on Friday mornings please do so.



We will be putting a link on the website shortly for weekly homework tasks. These are not compulsory, but will be ideas for the weekend.