Themes galore!

Our curriculum is taught using a thematic approach, within the theme we aim to cover all areas of humanities, the arts and science for pupils not currently working towards an accredited course. Our aim is to bring together the whole school, whilst allowing different classes to experience different areas within the themes. The school year is broken down into three terms, each represented by a different theme on a two year rolling programme.

Current rolling programme:

Imagination -  Autumn 2016 and Autumn 2018

Hull -  Spring 2017 and Spring 2019

Holidays - Summer 2017 and Summer 2019

Festivals and Celebrations -  Autumn 2017 and Autumn 2019

People and Place - Spring 2018 and Spring 2020

Living Things - Summer 2018 and Summer 2020

The themes are assessed using the essential objectives outlined in work by Chris Quigley. Progress is measured using 9 different descriptors, which encompass every level of learning, showing progress for all pupils.

Each term begins with a whole school launch day, which introduces the theme through a variety of activities and often includes visits from outside professionals. At this time, classes often make themed displays which can be seen throughout the school.

The themed approach provides opportunities for more focused educational visits.