Sponsored Walk 

Some of the 6th form took part in a sponsored walk to raise money for their prom this year in July.

A group walked from Brough to Hessle, the other walled from hessle along the foreshore, met the other group and back again to hessle.

All of them had a brilliant day and loved raising money for their prom, Thank you to everyone that sponsored them!!

"Make £5 blossom"

A group in the 6th form had their presentation this week (Wednesday 26th April) at the Guild Hall. This year they have been part of the "make £5 blossom" which is a young enterprise project running alongside their employability qualification.

The group paired with a company Netopian, who gave them £150 to start off a small business. They had sales in college for Christmas and a pop up shop in Bransholme centre.

They did really well at all the sales, making profit!

The starter £150 was given back to the John cracknell youth enterprise plus £16 to the Duchenne muscular dystrophy charity

They were in the Hull daily mail too!