Class : T6F1

Making a traffic light.

Making a traffic light.

The new group are settling well into their new class in the sixth form and they are enjoying their new timetables.  We have been learning about keeping safe at home as well as while we’re out and about in the community and we’re really excited to finally get to use our new refurbished flat.

As a part of keeping healthy we are working with groups across the Humber Education Trust to complete the daily mile.  We have talked about all of the different ways we can move our bodies for 1 mile and have been making the most of the nice weather, increasing our distance every day.  We’ve also been doing some yoga to keep our bodies healthy and to help us relax.


Sponsored Walk 

Some of the 6th form took part in a sponsored walk to raise money for their prom this year in July.

A group walked from Brough to Hessle, the other walled from hessle along the foreshore, met the other group and back again to hessle.

All of them had a brilliant day and loved raising money for their prom, Thank you to everyone that sponsored them!!

"Make £5 blossom"

A group in the 6th form had their presentation this week (Wednesday 26th April) at the Guild Hall. This year they have been part of the "make £5 blossom" which is a young enterprise project running alongside their employability qualification.

The group paired with a company Netopian, who gave them £150 to start off a small business. They had sales in college for Christmas and a pop up shop in Bransholme centre.

They did really well at all the sales, making profit!

The starter £150 was given back to the John cracknell youth enterprise plus £16 to the Duchenne muscular dystrophy charity

They were in the Hull daily mail too!