Interview with a Blogger

We are very happy that Emma Clark, a parent of one of our pupils has agreed to publish her blog on our website.  Emma has been blogging successfully for a few months, her previous blogs can be found at

We asked two of our pupil reporters, Jade and Amy to write some questions and interview Emma to find out more about her and the blog.

What is the blog about?

It is about life with Joshua, the type of things that happen day to day and the challenges we face and the people that we meet.

Why do you do the blog?

I started writing because I thought that I had learnt a lot over Joshua’s 14 years, that I could share with other mums and dads of children with special needs, to help hopefully make their lives a bit easier. I used to write magazine articles but I was chatting to my friend, discussing it and she suggested that I start a blog. I asked another friend how to do it and she helped me to set it up on 29 May this year and I have written it everyday , except one, since then.

How did you choose the subject?

Well that was easy, something that I know everything about – my life with Joshua! – so I did not need to do any research!

How long does it take to do a blog?

Some are longer than others but they take between 10 and 30 minutes each I would say. Sometimes I spend a lot of time deciding on the title!

Do you like making a blog?

Yes I love it, it is my quiet, thinking time that starts off every day. I would miss it if I did not write it each day.

Does anyone help you with the blog?

No it is all my own work, although I have had ‘help’ with a few of the titles!!

Are there pictures or just writing?

I have inserted a couple of photos once or twice, one of a rainbow and another of some flowers but mainly it is words. I never include any photos of the people that I have talked about

 How many people are reading you blog?

I really do not know who is reading it. Sometimes surprising people will comment on something I have written, showing that they are readers. I like it that people know what was in my head that morning, but sometimes they want to discuss it the next day and I have already moved onto my next issue.

What are the peoples ages reading your blog?

I started thinking I was writing for parents of children with special needs but my audience is wider than that – teachers, parents, grandparents , friends and strangers read it. I have even found out that some of my customers at work start their day with my blog, which I think is funny. I never had any particular age group in mind.

Do you get paid for doing the blog?

Not at all, it is all voluntary – I do it because it makes me happy, not for money. Although one day they could all be grouped into a book and then if anyone bought it, it might make me rich and famous! For now I do it because I enjoy it

What equipment do you use?

I write it on my laptop on my knee on my armchair  in the lounge!

 Is the blog just for local or worldwide?

I know I have a friend who reads it in Arizona, in USA! It is relevant to anyone, wherever they live, so long as they can read and understand English!

 How often do you write the blog?

I write every morning, between 5 and 6am usually, it is the first thing that I do every morning. I went on holiday in August to an old house on the Isle of Wight and it did not have wifi and so I did not blog when I first arrived. I had two complaints from my readers who were disappointed that it was missing! That was funny, so I found wifi so they would be happy again.

How long does it take to prepare?

I do not prepare : I turn on my laptop on and while it is warming up, I think what shall I say today? I usually write about something that has happened to us the day before but it can be looking forward or it can reflect on something I have noticed in the news. Sometimes I think of an idea during the day, so I note it down to remind me for the next morning.

Do you like writing the blog?

Yes I love it – I love language and expressing how I feel or my ideas. I would write it like a diary even if nobody read it.

What made you decide to write a blog?

Well lots of factors :

-          I have always enjoyed language and writing

-          I watched a sad TV programme called ‘The C word’ about a lady who wrote a blog when she got cancer, about her experiences of her treatment, and I thought that I could do that.

-          I thought that I had something useful to say

-          I was talking to a friend about my ideas and she encouraged me to write a blog

-          I enjoyed learning a new skill as I knew nothing about blogging


Thank you Emma, we look forward to reading your blog.

Amy and Jade