Tweendykes School wins Autism Award


Head teacher Berni Moorcroft said: "Our school has been working so very hard towards this recognition for three years. Everyone is delighted by the news – and it is absolutely deserved. Tweendykes Primary School provides an individualised curriculum tailored to meet the needs of all its pupils."

"We are very lucky to have such a hardworking bunch of staff. We are very happy, of course, and the pupils deserve lots of credit, too. We aim to provide an exciting, fun and supportive curriculum where every student, no matter what their difficulties, can thrive and learn, and this was confirmed by the judging panel. I would like to thank the staff for their commitment to make sure each and every day that the students receive the best lessons they can. Autism is a spectrum of disorders characterised by impaired social interaction and restricted and repetitive behaviour."

Louise Taylor, practitioner for communication at the school, said: "We are incredibly proud of the staff as this very special award is down to their dedication, hard work and commitment. Everybody works so very hard to provide outstanding education for all students throughout the school, including those with severe autism."

A spokesman for the National Autistic Society said: "Tweendykes provides the best education possible for this type of student. It has a good environment, good staff training, excellent practice and an outstanding autism-specific service."

Well done to all of our team! 

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