Learning Young


There are eight classes in the junior school, seven of which are broadly arranged by age and one which is to specifically support our junior aged children with profound and multiple learning difficulties. Classes are small with a high staff to pupil ratio.

Pupils in the junior school enjoy a varied and exciting curriculum. Lessons are all delivered in a very multisensory way, ensuring engagement and progress for all of our pupils.

At the centre of all our planning are the individual pupils’ requirements and needs to ensure they reach their full potential in life. For many of our pupils this involves a focus on developing their communication alongside their independent skills. Lessons are structured in a way to ensure pupils feel safe and supported while also gaining strategies to be independent learners. Our staff are highly skilled and trained to ensure they understand the needs of all of our pupils.

The curriculum involves a wide variety of lessons from basic skills and communication to fun with our themed curriculum.

Pupils may also have rebound therapy sessions, sensory circuit, multisensory stories, trips, drama, emotions groups and many more activities tailored to support our pupils’ learning needs. Each class has a dedicated classroom with an attached outdoor space. Pupils also have access to many other areas in Tweendykes including sensory gardens, a hydro pool, soft play area, sensory rooms as well as educational rooms such as food technology room and an ICT suite. Some pupils alongside their staff also access some of Winifred Holtby Academies resources, such as the large pool, the gym, the library and on occasion a science lab.

Positive relationships and close links with parents and carers are highly important to us. A home-school diary is used, every term parents and carers are invited in for a consultation event with the class teachers. Staff are always happy to discuss pupil progress and give guidance and support around strategies that can be used in the home.