Leaving these shores

I am going to be in Texas for the next week – I am waiting for my flight to Houston now- so I’m not sure what time of day I will blog but I will.

I am really looking for ward to seeing my friend and her family but it was not easy to leave my family at 3.45 this morning. Joshua had a seizure while watching Bruce Springsteen last night and afterwards he was distressed and looked confused. He had another at midnight when he was getting changed for bed and so he did not sleep at all. He was shouting out for Mummy and Daddy all night. My husband took over as I left for the airport and he reports a third seizure at 6.30.

This is really not how I hoped to leave them and now I will be incommunicado in the air for ten hours. If he can just sleep hopefully he will sleep it all off. Poor Joshua. I will try not to worry but that may well be an impossibility .