Spring has sprung


Our clocks moved forward by an hour last night, so when I woke up at my usual 5am, it is now called 6am! I wonder how long it will be before my body- clock adjusts?  The lighter evenings are a prize well worth losing an hour of sleep for as we will now be able to do so much more after work with the extra daylight . It means that summer is in its way and that I will be able to cycle to and from the office more frequently – although I will still only use my bike on sunny days! 

It signifies that long , dark winter nights are behind us and that nature us moving on. My hens should increase their egg- laying with more daylight and more will start to grow in the garden too – we will soon be drowning in home- grown tomatoes and cucumbers again , all being well. It also means that Joshua’s Riding for the Disabled will start up again next month, having had the winter months off.

These patterns repeat themselves, marking the passage of time. Every year we are disappointed when we change our clocks back and gloomy nights draw in, so that we see very little daylight outside of the working day. But we have to have it taken away perhaps, to be able to truly appreciate the gift back again in the spring .

The moving of the clocks and Easter both signify new life to me and so it is timely that they fall on the same day.  Enjoy your day and any chocolate that it might bring your way!