Basic Skills

Basic Skills at Tweendykes School incorporates English, Communication, Maths and Computing. As with all our curriculum areas our delivery and content is matched to individual needs with an emphasis on skills needed for life. For this reason Basic Skills looks very different for different cohorts of pupils. For some Basic Skills may be eye tracking, it may be learning the first steps to communicate, it may be learning to use money for yet others it may be earning accreditations in English, Maths and ICT.  

We are very well resourced to deliver the vast range of skills required by our pupils.  

For reading we follow the letters and sounds guidance, we have a range of reading schemes, the two main ones being :- Oxford Reading Tree & Big Cat Phonics 
Many of our pupils use the phonics programme Lexia, this can also be accessed at home.

Our Math lessons are often practical in nature, again focussing on life skills and delivered in a multisensory way. Many of our pupils use the programme IXL, this can also be accessed at home.

In computing we are lucky to be very well equipped, our pupils have access to a range of equipment including switch activated toys, iPads, laptops, a computer suite which includes numerous touch screen desktops. We have a 3D printer which is extremely popular with both staff and pupils.


Ensuring our pupils are safe while using the internet is very important to us.  You can find our e-safety policy here. A guide to e-safety for parents is available in the document library. A lot more advice and guidance is available on line. If any parent wishes to discuss e-safety at home or school please contact our e-safety coordinator, Kath Oliver.