Attendance Policy

“Good attendance is fundamental to raising achievement.”

Good attendance is critical to continue the progress that we have made at Tweendykes School. It is therefore a fundamental and basic responsibility of all staff to maximise and encourage good attendance in all they do on a day to day basis.
Attendance is monitored daily by the administration team and any unexplained pupil absences are followed up the same day.

Registers are completed at the start of the morning and afternoon session. It is very important that all staff adopt a professional approach to the completion of registers. Registers need to be completed accurately, and should be completed in the early part of every session (must be within 30 minutes).

Please refer to code system in registers to ensure accuracy.

We recognise that for some of our pupils their attendance may be disrupted due to ongoing medical needs and appointments. As far as possible we aim to support parents and carers in minimising the impact of health and disability issues on their child’s attendance. (For e.g. extending number of clinics held in school.)



  • To encourage all pupils to attend school regularly and promptly.
  • To encourage positive attitudes to school and attendance from the parents of the pupils and the wider community.
  • To implement whole school policy on attendance and ensure that staff are carrying out the policy.
  • To reward good attendance and punctuality in keeping with the rewards system in the school.


Annual target

An overall attendance target will be set for each year. This will be agreed with the Governing Body and will be submitted to the Local Authority by the end of each Autumn Term.


  • Registration takes place in class groups
  • Registration is from 9am to 9.30am and from 1.15pm to 1.30pm
  • Late Marks should be given to pupils who arrive after 9:30 am – this is in recognition of the distance a parent may have to travel to school if their child misses home school transport for any reason.
  • We recognise that some pupils may miss home to school transport due to no fault of the parents. This may be due to medical issues such as seizures, or behavioural difficulties of the pupil. As long as parents make an effort to secure their child’s attention late arrivals will be authorised.
  • Any unaccounted for absences are always followed up by the administration team and monitored by the Head teacher.
  • If parents wish to ask for a term-time leave of absence for a holiday for their child they need to seek the permission of the Head teacher. This will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Roles and Responsibilities


Parents should ensure that their child is in school unless there is a genuine reason otherwise.
They are requested to notify the school immediately by telephone or letter if their child is unable to attend.

If parents wish to take their child out of school during school time they are required to discuss this with/ ask the permission of the school. This will include medical appointments and any other reasons. If parents wish to ask for a term-time leave of absence for a holiday for their child they need to seek the permission of the Headteacher. This will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Parents should put their application in writing to the head teacher The Head teacher can only authorise such absences for a period of up to 10 days in any school year.


Class Teachers

Register their class group promptly within the first 30 minutes of school day.
Pass onto the office any notes or messages regarding pupil absences.

Head teacher

  1. To monitor weekly attendance patterns.
  2. To issue awards for pupils gaining 100% attendance throughout the year.
  3. To promote the importance of attendance to pupils and parents through school publications and parents evenings.
  4. To report to the governing body on attendance.
  5. To produce attendance figures to meet statutory requirements.
  6. To promote the importance of attendance within the school as a whole.


Supply Staff and New Staff

It is important that new supply staff and new staff are informed and made aware of the procedures for attendance and registration. This will form part of the package and training given to new supply staff and part of the induction package for new staff.


Monitoring and evaluation of the policy

The Head teacher will report on attendance each term to governors.